Welcome to Clausen, Mays & Tahan Literary Agency

Updated 9/27/2005

We are only accepting queries having to do with rights to the agency's backlist titles and already published books. For foreign subagents with inquiries about the titles we represent please click on our foreign rights list.

If you do have a query regarding one of our current authors or backlist titles, please email us at:
query@clausenmaystahan.com Or call us at 212.714.8181.

We prefer queries by email or phone, but if you must send us a query by regular mail, you can snail mail it via United States Postal Service to:

Clausen, Mays & Tahan LLC
PO Box 1015 Cooper Station
New York, NY 10276-1015

We are no longer accepting or considering queries/submissions for new book projects at Clausen, Mays & Tahan.

Please note, however, that Stedman Mays and Mary Tahan, co-founders of Clausen, Mays & Tahan, are accepting queries for new book projects at their new agencies.

Stedman Mays's new agency is SCRIBBLERS HOUSE® LLC Literary Agency and queries for new projects can be sent to him via email at: query@scribblershouse.net. For information on submissions policies at SCRIBBLERS HOUSE® LLC, visit www.scribblershouse.net.

Mary Tahan's new agency is Mary M. Tahan Literary Agency and queries for new projects can be sent to her via email at: querymarytahan@earthlink.net
























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